Monday, 29 October 2012

LOAD Lainie :)

I am mega mega excited to share this with you..... I was asked to be a 'guest star' for October LOAD.
This time around as I may have said before, it is not being ran by Lain Ehmann herself but instead Leslie and Lynette have done a fantastic job of setting up daily prompts for all 150 of us to do something different for everyday in October.
Lain hasn't stopped doing LOAD but due to the commitments of True scrap she couldn't offer both this year, instead these 2 lovely ladies stepped up to the mark and took this huge task on for themselves.... and how thankful am I to them for that!
I have found these prompts as inspirational and ass kicking as any of Lain's LOADS and I've done a few :), they have had me thinking in new ways and most of all producing lots of pages that I am really happy with, i am a few behind at the moment due to Elsie being poorly for a week and having the kids home for half term but I will finish and upload them all eventually for you to see.....

So tomorrow is the 30th October, nearly at the end of the journey and it also brings MY DAY!
My challenge and my pages as inspiration for all of those lovely LOAD ladies.... im very excited but also nervous that it wont be up to scratch with all the other fabulous ideas that we have seen this month, I guess only time will tell.... and also being at the end means not as many people will see it, as LOAD ladies always dwindle towards the end as life gets in the way and people get left behind... as i have. 

Wanna see what my challenge for these girls is???

So this is the page I started with..... its a picture of Elsie from our family photo shoot back early this year. I originally did this for a layering prompt when I was signed up to a Jen Jockisch class through Studio Calico, altho it was all my own design. 
I definitely learnt a lot through that so if you struggle with layers its one to think about!

My challenge to the girls then is not to scrap lift this page of mine but instead to scrap lift their own work from over the month of LOAD, or before if they fancy.
as inspiration for them I also included a page that i made based on this one of mine:

As you will see each one contains a Heidi Swapp file folder, one of my favourite scrapping things EVER! but I have used them in different ways.... the first I cut in half I used one half as the main background (zebra stripe) and cut the second half, in half again and flipped it so that I had an extra layer (the pink layer) and the other half, I moved out slightly and had it as an extra layer under the Heidi Swapp Journal card (adore)..... in this second one I used it as it was meant to be used... a file flip out folder!
I decorated the front with lots of layered embellishments and a photo of my eldest son and his friend whilst they were away at school camp. 
This then opens to reveal a LOT of journalling about the story behind the picture and more photos. 
see here:

This is very different to the original but follows some of the same basic design structures. 
for example: the photo is matted, the file folder is the main background, under the photo there are a line of embellishment, the "boys" title and the tickets.

I hope this also makes the ladies look at their own pages in  a new way, we don't have to follow everyone else to get good ideas, we can recycle our own ideas to make new ones.... if you like a certain aspect of something use it over and over again in different ways, its going to work for you if you like it!

Thanks for dropping by today, I'll let you know how it goes! :)
Also if you decide to take on this challenge for yourself please link it up so I can take a look!!!!

take care, see you soon xxxxxx

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