Friday, 12 October 2012

lagging behind!

Soooo it appears I'm falling behind a little.... oops!
with Carole's challenges and LOAD too, what a failure!
I've just completed day 2 of Carole's challenge and day 12 of LOAD yes its the 12th today but I didn't do yesterdays LOAD prompt as I found it hard to think of what to do, maybe I will catch up at crop tomorrow???

anyway here is todays page:

Todays prompt was to do a page about your favourite thing, technically this is not my favourite thing, but it is Elsie's :)
The layout itself was hugely created with the help of Carole's challenge, a page to scrap lift which came with rules!!! I could change the colours but i had to use a character of some sort on it!

heres the original on Pinterest if you fancy having a look

I didn't even attempt to do the rik rak in the middle, instead replaced this with strips of paper but i was under strict instructions to do the tree branch and the blooms on it, I hope your happy Mrs G!

In other news for today, its my hubbies birthday!!! Happy birthday MR C :)
He is 31 today, getting old I know, still he will forever be my toy-boy lol
I went out and brought him some steak, some onion rings and some breaded mushrooms for his dinner tonight as he requested.... his present form us is his game, but as it isn't out until November he had to make do with a chocolate birthday cake, some cards and lots of kisses from the girls.... best of all was Elsie copying everyone saying happy birthday this morning, she sounded so cute!

It also appears I'm getting new neighbours today!
As i was creating in front of my bedroom window this morning, whilst elsie slept, I could see lots of things coming and going from next door, and me being 'neighbourhood watch!' 
(obviously not just nosey!)
I had a little peek and it seems that the old lady is moving out to a smaller place as she's poorly and on her own and we are having a family next door, I spied baby girl toys and sawdust with straw so I guess we are having a baby girl next door and an animal of some sort! :)

Seems we might be making new friends very soon! 

anyways enough chatting for now, things to do people to see :)

take care xxxx

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  1. I really LOVE this Mrs C! Love the kraft, love the pink with the kraft, love the birdie, love the branch and tiny flowers, love it!

    Looking forward to seeing the next one too ;)

    Big hugs Carole xxx