Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Day 9!

Just a quicky cause its late (for me) and I'm tired.... but couldn't wait to show you these pages Ive done.

The prompt was to scrap about something we do regularly... I looked though my stash of photos and came across a few that would fit the profile, but then got to these pics and laughed, that is what made me choose them

The pics are of elsie poking her tongue in and out, we were on a trip to Noahs Ark zoo farm and had just been watching Lola feed the sheep, I asked Elsie what does a sheep do, expecting and hoping she would make a baaing noise and instead she made this face! it made me laugh so much that I had to take photos, but of course she wasn't wrong..... this indeed is what sheep do when being fed pellets off of Lolas hand!!!

This last page Ive squeezed in tonight! 
I rally really love it, and was so unexpected... I haven't looked at these photos for at least a year, but now that I have relocated all of my crafting stuff to the bedroom (again) they were a lot easier to get to. 
I was actually showing Carole my stash of pics and decided to pull a few out, ended up finding this one and the urge to scrap it along with the tissue issue story!
I had a few struggles with it, but I adore the finished page

thanks so much for visiting today, see you again soon xxxxxx

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  1. Both of these are beautiful layouts Emma :) Can't believe how different they have turned out from mine yet again. Your wedding cake issue layout is amazing, I would never think to use the papers/colours that you do, and yet they turn out brilliantly! well done you xxx