Sunday, 30 September 2012

something exciting!

Good afternoon ladies....

Today is my anniversary, 4 years married to my hunky hubby and like anyone else we've had our us and downs but we have made it this far :)
we had a special lunch out without the kids yesterday to celebrate and today we are jus chilling with the girls. 

heres a piccy of the naughty cocktail I had yesterday whilst we were out:

it had a ridiculously long name but was basically triple sec mixed with blueberry puree and ice cream.... it was delicious and could possibly become my new favourite over the fridays freeze! 

As you can see by this photo I'm back onto using Instagram again, what a fab little app that is!
since upgrading my crappy HTC to an iphone this week I cant help myself but use its nifty little camera everywhere :) expect to see more of these....

OK so now onto the something exciting!
I was asked a while back to be a 'guest star' in this years October LOAD. This one is not being ran by Lain Ehman herself but instead b members of the Scraphappy forum and 1 in particular being Lynette who has done wonders for my self esteem this past month!

I must say i was completely shocked and overwhelmed when I was asked to be one of the 5 people making appearances in this LOAD and if you've been following my blog for a while you know that I absolutely love does wonders for me, this will be my fourth and being part of it is even more exciting. My challenge doesn't go live until the 30th October so I'm almost the show stopper but I'm happy with that, not many people might see it as some people don't make it very far in LOAD at all.... and for those that do see it and take part I'm hoping will enjoy it. 
Doing it was scary stuff!!!
I will be blogging about what i did a few days before it goes live so watch this space!

Today i will leave you with a few pages that I have done this week with the help and inspiration of Carole! let me know what you think xxxxx

This one is a pic of Lola and the childminder Zoe. this was another of the sketches that Carole and I did together, check out her blog here as im sure she will add hers soon xxx

This one too..... can you tell Carole and i have great fun on a Tuesday?!?!?! 
This pic is a fave of mine featuring Elsie Moo and hubby Paul... I loved the textured hearts and the twine too, i think they work really well with this otherwise simple but stunning page.

and finally for today a page containing Mike.
Just Dan to go then :)
I hate waste so after punching out my banner shapes using the SU punch i was left with some of the scalloped ones that I wasn't using, so instead of throwing them out used them to punch out the plain triangle pennants from the middles and used the negatives as extra embellishments! 
This must be the 4th or 5th layout that i have done of Michaels eyes over the years but they are just sooooo lovely!and they really do sparkle!

hope you have had a fab weekend..... and guess what???
with LOAD starting up again tomorrow you can expect to see more of me this month

take care xxxxxxxx


  1. I see you are an Echo Park fan too! Great layouts and I shall have to check out Load.

  2. I love all of these layouts of course, since we chose the sketch together! For once, our layouts were pretty similar this week although with our own twist (you more than me obviously!) I particularly like your Last Day at Zoe page, even with that frame!!!

    Big hugs

    Carole xxx

  3. Happy Anniversary, drink looks yum! Congrats on LOAD, not sure what that is, but sounds interesting, Well done! And love your wonderful layouts. Suzie xxx :)