Monday, 8 October 2012

sooo cold!


I dont know what its like where you are, but here its really really cold and very very wet today, the kind of weather that makes me want to stay in my pjs and curl up in a blanket on the sofa for the day and not go outside.... However with 4 children its never that easy, the school run is a pain in the butt :) i managed to avoid the wettest part as I got home before it really tipped down but I'm not looking forward to 3 and having to collect them..... yuck!

I have been a good girl tho and instead of slobbing on the sofa, I have had a very productive morning.
I have made them a lasagne to have for their dinner tonight, its fat club so i wont be having any.. and will make myself something much healthier when i get home.
I have also baked their fimo models that they made on our outing to Cadbury Garden centre on Saturday, they will be surprised :)
AND... Ive managed to make a page too, wanna see???

What a perfect topic for such a horrible day... I'm even considering putting on my heating for the first time since summer!
Pics are of Lola on the beach during our weekend in Bude, she really did love the beach and wasn't at all worried that i was cold, and windy, she just wanted to play!
The sketch was our LOAD challenge for today (day 8) and as always i changed it a bit to suit me, but I actually quite like it... I did really want to make paper airplanes to replace the balloon sticker but I failed miserably so if any of you know how to make tiny paper planes please let me know, i think they look fab but mine were rubbish!

I also haven't shown you my page from yesterdays prompt... here it is:

for this prompt we could basically do what we liked :) so I looked on the net for a sketch which took my fancy and I found this one on creative scrappers via their facebook page.
I liked the simplicity of it  and the fact that you could add more layers where you fancied!
Pic is of my mother in law with Elsie, they are looking out over a lake which had Geese living in it... however Elsie called them ducks which was how the title came around... and obviously i had heard it before as a childs game, not that I would have a clue how to play it but i've heard of it and thought that it would make a perfect play on words.

Thanks for dropping by today...see you tomorrow with more LOAD or today if im very lucky :)


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  1. Well done on not vegging. I am studying and blog hopping on the sofa with tea and a blanket. Also well done on getting that "Beautiful" sticker to lay straight, I couldn't get it right at all and ended up ripping it!