Wednesday, 10 October 2012

2 birds with 1 stone!

Or 2 challenges with one page! :)

So im still doing LOAD, we are on day 10 and I am up to date, very satisfying indeed!

I was talking to Carole last night about doing more classes, when she said to me that I didn't need to do more classes.... I guess i don't... or maybe i do... I did learn LOADS from Jen Jockisch layering class, I think it has completely changed the way I scrap and thats got to be a good thing, to evolve. 
But normal everyday classes I tend to do because it inspires me, to push boundaries, to try something new and it also makes me scrap photos that I might not otherwise even think about twice.

I told Carole that if I had someone to give me a prompt, or a sketch or a colour challenge or something to scrap lift..... anything to make me think about what im doing everyday then I would be a happy girl.
I wasn't fishing for her to offer to do it for me, I was just saying.... but Carole has made it her job to do this for me, so now on Pinterest we have a joint board where she posts me something inspiring and I do a page based on that, she is going to post one thing a day and we will see how that goes.

So today was the first day, Carole started me off with a bugger of a scrap lift! I struggled really bad with trying to do it as it was, so I took bits off and did it my way.... it worked a lot better when I was being myself instead of trying to do someone else's style.

The LOAD challenge for today fitted in very nicely with the lift Carole set me as it was to make a dimensional page with 3d bits to give it height.

here is what i did:

picture is of Lola, another from the Bude wedding but one that I love.
I added clusters of flowers and a large title to pull all the elements together. 

Its not my favourite page from recent but its another one for the album :)

thanks for looking today, see you soon xxxxx

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  1. LOVE it! Love the colours and love the amount of embellishments you have put on! Lola looks so cute in the pic too! Well done on a fab day one :)

    Hugs, Carole xxx