Saturday, 6 October 2012

celebrating life

Hey :)

I am currently whispering this in a very husky voice.... since this morning I have become unwell, my tonsils are swollen and my throat is very sore and as always when I get a sore throat my voice goes stupidly stupid!!!

Anyways im just popping on to show you a page that I have made for a friend, today I was asked to make a layout as a birthday gift for my friends younger sister. they tragically lost their brother in a car accident earlier this year and Gemma wants Emily, the remaining twin, to have an everyday reminder of the special and fun times they shared together. 

here it is:

I was asked to do hot pink, and given the words to write on it... the rest came from my heart....

 I did not know George as a man... I remember George as the chubby, loveable little 5 year old that I once knew and he was always happy... in these pictures he is very happy and i wanted this page to be all about celebrating his life rather than thinking about him no longer being here. 
Im hoping this will help Emily to be happy for the times they did have and think of all the moments they shared, as twins theres got to be millions!

Thanks for looking, see you tomorrow xxxxx

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  1. This is beautiful Emma, what a wonderful gift, you have really put this together so well. So sorry to read about George, that is so very sad, but this layout has captured real happiness, and I'm sure it will be treasured always. Suzie xxx