Tuesday, 16 October 2012

NOT a crafting Tuesday :(

I have a poorly baby girl.... Elsie has been throwing up since Sunday and its not nice, for her or me...
my washing basket is taking over my kitchen, you can imagine all the extra washing we have.. she is upset a lot and not eating or drinking properly, which cant be nice for her and is worrying me... and she just wants cuddles a lot which means I don't get a lot else done all day. not that I mind baby snuggles on the sofa :)

Today is normally my Carole craft day but as Elsie is sick she cant go to the childminders so she is joining us.... Im hoping to get a little bit of me time whilst she gets some sleep, fingers crossed for me please :)

I will show you what I have managed to do these past couple of days tho:

This page incorporates 2 challenges in 1... at the moment i don't have time to do each separately so this works for me.
The LOAD prompt was from day 14 and was to use a black and white photo...easy :)
The other challenge was Caroles and not so easy as she wanted me to sew on my page!
I must admit I quite liked doing this, the page itself and the sewing... I guess when times are hard and stressful at home its nice to do something that takes you away form it all and sewing is one of those therapeutic things! 
I have made the photo into a pocket, and behind I have hidden a tag with a note from school attached to it. the note from school says how well he is doing in his maths and how he managed to finish his work, plus extra and help others in one maths lesson. A proud mummy moment for me :)
This page practically made itself! it came together so effortlessly i was really happy with it.

This is just a page from Caroles challenges.
She insists that she will make me love christmas! I don't hate christmas but I just don't scrap it often, I already have a ton to do a this busy time of year so finding time is bad enough. 
So her challenge was to make a christmas page.... in OCTOBER!
I managed to find a christmas photo in my photobox stash... and all of these xmas papers came out of my scrap bag so I guess it was meant to be, and if im really honest I really enjoyed doing it, it didnt take long and i think it is effective. 
my fave parts are the '1' card, the snowman and the bauble banner.

right, Elsie needs me...she wants to draw
Ill see you soon xxxxxx

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