Friday, 5 October 2012

keeping on top!

Good morning bloggers :)

Today was an easy prompt for me, and as Ive done it already i thought I would post as not to have a backlog later on in the week :)

The prompt for today was to use wood on your page, here is what i did with that.....

I started playing about with this page yesterday, i had the strips cut out from previous pages... see the massive last post :) 
I knew i wanted to keep this simple and emphasise the photo but I didn't know how to finish it until I saw this mornings prompt.
I immediately grabbed my embellishment bag and searched for woodgrain washi tape... which I don't have :( all donations welcome lol :)
then instead I had a little look through to see what I DID have.... and I remembered these letters. They are so cute, i remember when I first got them into shop, i couldn't get them in fast enough, as soon as they were in they were gone again!!! and it didn't surprise me, they are lovely!
 I did have a different title in mind to begin with but as always I was missing one important letter and it could not be fixed by substituting others, so instead i changed my title... I am very happy with this new one tho... I think it lends itself nicely to the seeds themselves and to my beautiful Lola. 
I then chose to add the large flower embellishment as it was too bare even for me.... Im not sure if it distracts from the photo too much or not, but its there now, it works with the colour scheme and I can finally tell Carole I used a flower on my page! she will still moan tho cause its only 1 :)

take care for now...see you soon xxxxxx

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  1. Hi Emma, this is a really lovely layout, such an adorable photo, and love the letters, how cute! I am constantly amazed, not only in how quickly you produce such lovley work, but also, how you find the time??!!!, with four kids and a house to run?? Amazing!!!
    Suzie xxx:)