Saturday, 3 August 2013

This is the life

So by now you must all know of my love for Bude!
This photo was taken the last time we were there, it includes me (again) and Lola with Aunty Beryl as she told me about the rock that is shaped like a beach hut, you must see it to believe it.
I've hidden my journaling which talks about how I'd low to live there and I've kept the design of the page minimal to keep the focus on the photo.

Shimelles challenge this time was to start with a product or piece that you've always wanted to use but never have. Mine, weirdly, was this red card which says 'this is the life' I don't know why I love it so much but I do. I also love the banner at the top, I've seen a few layouts which use this but none that I'd feel comfortable replicating so I've used it here.
Better to use things when you love them than squirrel them away until you dot love them anymore.

click here for shimelles post


  1. I just came from Shimelle's blog. Lovely layout! I agree- I love your banner! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Words of wisdom there! Use it before you don't like it anymore--so true. Love your page! I see why you like that red card--me too! =D