Friday, 23 August 2013

Kiss the bride

So last night I found another project to work my way through and get my teeth into. It's the 213 in 2013 videos from two peas in a bucket. If you have never looked, you must, being anal as I am I searched until I found the first episode and will be working my way through them like that. The idea is that they show you a layout and give you prompts as they go along.
The first one gives you 4. Ill let you find out what they are :)

I know I've just sai to find out but I firstly need to lead your eye to the most time consuming part of this page, and in fact this page was very much all about that. If you want it done quick then this isn't the layout video for you!!!
So I did some sewing.... By hand may I add!!! The first prompt was to add interest to your background paper by sewing onto it. So I did :)

I used all I the prompts fine to come up with this original design. It looks nothing like the page made in the video but for that I'm pleased because it takes me forever to make decisions if I'm not following a sketch or a lift so this helped a lot.

I'd love to know why you think xxxxxc

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