Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Chicken run

Omg so a couple of weeks ago we went on a family day out to Noah's ark zoo farm. It was excellent and even in the hours and hours that we were there we didn't get to see or do everything.
What we did do tho as soon as we got there was to walk through the open bird enclosure where that had animals such as chickens, geese and ducks.
I'm not soooo keen on them flapping around but went with it and took the girls in. It turns out that Elsie is just like me and wasn't keen on them either but Lola is definitely Paul's girl. She ran around trying to touch them, feed them and catch them. In the end she caught 2 different ones but I hose jut to scrap one set today.

I apologise for the bad colours, imagine them in daylight, they are actually bright and vibrant I promise.
Please take a look and see I you can do this too, it was very simple and I have found we video as very easy to follow, it helps that we have similar styles :)
Let me know how you get on xxx

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