Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Love Bude

So it's 10:30. I've built the girls a big den in the front room out of the sofas and a million blankets and cushions so they are more than happy playing there. The boys have done some jobs for me and are now back in front of their computers and I manage to do my first page!
Instead of using my normal dining chair to craft on, today I am using my ergonomic office chair as my back is still bad and is in need of support. It feels a bit weird to be scrapping at this height ad bit being able to reach things as I normally could but at least today I CAN craft.
Here's the page I've done this morning;

It includes a picture of Aunty Beryl, Lola and I looking out to sea, an a picture of Elsie getting blown away in the wind :) I chose to use these two pictures together as they were taken at the same time by my hubby Paul.
The journaling talks of my love for Bude and how, even tho it's just a place, it can change my whole mood. It's amazing!!!
The sketch came from a blog called artugolok. It's Ukranian but even tho you may not understand the words (like me) I recommend taking a look cause the sketches there are fab!

See you soon xxxx

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