Saturday, 3 August 2013

Simply perfect

My last page of the day, I've been up for 18 hours an I'm ready for my bed!

I apologise if the picture quality is bad, it's pitch black here and my kitchen lighting is horrendous so it is what it is.
This page is from my wedding photo box, yup almost married 5 years and I'm still working through them.
These are the favours that I made for my guests and ourselves :) Haribo are my most favourite treat so what better to reward myself with and thank my guests with than what I love.
Plus they looked really lovely in the clear boxes with the ribbon.
I used shimelles last challenge today which was to scrap lift ourselves or use the old video that Shimelle had posted.
I chose to use a newer video of shimelles as back in the day Shimelle as others did, used to record the video and then voice over the top and I can't stand watching vids like that. (Sorry Shimelle) but I'm really loving your now videos, they are perfect :)..... Please pass on your video techniques to lilleth eekels as I love her work but can't stand to watch her vids :(

Anyways I used a glitter girl video for panoramic photos but chose two photos instead that worked together.

Off to bed now, see you all tomorrow xxxxx


  1. Love this layout! And the swirls on the paper go so well with the swirly ribbons! Lovely colors too--so sweet!!

  2. very nice emma :)
    mike and i have been married for 22 years and i haven't scrapped ANY photos!!!!