Saturday, 3 August 2013

All aboard!!!!!

Good morning happy crafters! And wow was I up early this morning :) Elsie disturbed at 5am then as usual I couldn't get back to sleep once i ha sorted her out so instead of wasting time led in bed, I got up, came downstairs and I've done my first page of the day. Wanna see?

This is probably one of the few layouts that I have done of Elsie on blue paper!
The challenge from Shimelle which you can find here:Shimelle Laine

Was to choose 3 4x3 cards and work a page from that. I must say I loved it! It made my creativity and imagination run wild. I wasn't blocked by having to worry about putting this here or that there, I just did what felt right.
Probably helped by the fact that I have LOVED those 3x4 cards since I got them in my studio calico project life kit an have been waiting for the perfect moment to use them an this was definitely the time.
Once I'd chosen my cards I then found photos from Elsie's box (it was her turn next) an these train driver ones couldn't be better.
Thanks Shimelle for kicking off my morning in the right way, I love my page, I'm wide awake and I've already finished a page by 6:30 in the morning.... Marvellous xxxxxxxx

P.s this is how Elsie looks now after waking up again, coming downstairs with me an falling back to sleep on the sofa!

Off to start on the next one.
See you soon xxxxx

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  1. What a super fun page! I love all that blue--and the photos are just so precious!! I'm totally loving the layout too.