Sunday, 25 August 2013

2 for 1

So today I've got something different for you, no I've not turned my hand to sewing or card making but something I've never done before and so maybe new for you also?
I played along with video 4 today from lilleth eekels on the two peas website.
I will show you my layouts and then explain all.

Ok so 2 different layouts but using photos from the same event and using similar products to tie them together.
If I was to do a double page layout I ALWAYS have them linked in some way, the same papers over lapping the 2 papers for example. In this one I've effectively created a double spread for the album but by only linking the pages through products and not by having them as one page.
So you will see that they both have the same stamped image, the same patterned papers an the same washi tape.
They have different background papers, they are from 2 completely different sketches and have a few different embellishments yet we will know that they are meant to go together.
If you have never given this a go (like me) and always struggle to do traditional double page layouts (like me) you should attempt it today! It makes you think differently.
I will admit I struggled with the first page and ended up doing my own thing with it, but the second page came along quite quickly as I took the basic sketch but stopped watching the video and went with what felt right for me.
Lilleths style is one that I love and admire but it looks like its one i can't get on with myself. That makes me sad but we are who we are!!!
I'd love to know if you try it out xxx

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