Sunday, 4 August 2013

Big brother

Over the past month or so Lola has been addicted to watching My Little Pony over and over and over on YouTube. so much so that one of the theme tunes has gotten into my head and actually features as the title of this mornings layout.

Big brother, best friend forever..... so true of Dan and any of his siblings.
He is what I would call a true big brother, he will look out for any of them, all of them... help them, look after them... with the girls he helps me to look after them... its special, he's a very special boy and I am a very very lucky mum.

Shimelles challenge this morning was to use one of her sketches from a previous video to create a layout.... I changed my mind a few times but purely down to the fact that Dan doesn't have many photos left in his photo box.... I keep them all sorted into each child, a box for myself and paul and then a mixed family box which contains photos of more than one of us.
down the other side i have boxes that contain pics of our wedding, our holiday in spain and other outside family member.... of course i have one for Baby Carter too :)
Each time i complete a layout I take a photo from a different box, and rotate around the boxes so that I'm not just scrapping the girls constantly, as that is so easy as they love to be the centre of attention and its real easy to take photos of them!!!

Anyways back to Dan.... this was the third set of pictures that i chose, the first two came from just his box but I just couldn't get started on them, it didn't feel right and i knew that if I kept going the end product wouldn't be something that i loved. So instead of doing that I went through the pictures including more than one of us and found this set that has Dan and Elsie.
It was taken whilst we were at the boys grandparents house, but I haven't spoken about that in my journalling, i chose instead to talk about his relationship with the others and how proud i am of him.

Im waiting to see if Shimelle has any more fab challenges for this weekend,if so ill be back soon.... its quiet here at the moment, Lola has gone to a birthday party, elsie is eating lunch whilst watching mr tumble and Paul has disappeared somewhere upstairs! just me and my stash..... :)


  1. Love Shimelle and your layouts! Keep up the good work. Love your style!

  2. Nice layout, it caught my eyes on Shimelle's blog !

  3. So sweet!! Love the layout and the colors too!