Thursday, 8 August 2013


So today's been another busy day at the office :) hard at work on secret projects can take it out of a girl you know!!!
But I came home, had a power nap whilst cooking dinner then I was raring to go, this time I needed to scrap. My time, my space , my hobby and it makes me relax, just what the doctor ordered :)

I used the next of shimelles challenges but swayed more towards the guest designer page than shimelles actual page. Sorry Shimelle :(
Anyways here it is:

The pics are of Elsie and Izzy. So cute that at 2 Elsie has a best friend and although they have little tiffs about whose toy it is or who wants that particular drink whenever we are out and about they stick together like glue. Always watching out for each other, they definitely have each others backs. Sooooo cool.

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