Saturday, 15 June 2013

Hatty chappy

Omg!!!! I've been missing in action AGAIN!
Had a couple of days or is it a day? Off from crafting, had a lovely day yesterday with Keryn and Izzy and their Nanna and today has been a tiring one.
Lola left for London at 6 this morning *yawn* and is due back soon, but was up most of the night in excitement. So now we are all knackered and I'm sure she will be even more so when she gets home! Hopefully she's had a fab time tho.
So after I'd had an afternoon nap and when Elsie decided she was too ratty to stay awake, and when Carole text to see if I could play I got back to the page I started days ago.and here it is:

I think he looks so cute in the hat I bought him and was so chuffed when Amanda sent me this photo of him that I had to scrap it!!!
What do you think?
The original page came from and is in a post from 26th march entitled 24/7. LOVE it!
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  1. I LOVE this one, so bright and cheerful and happy, just like Baby Carter :)

    Carole xxx