Saturday, 1 June 2013

Had to be done

Good evening!!
So I wasn't intending on doing another page, until I decided how to further challenge myself this month now that LOAD has ended.
As well as Carole's Pinterest page challenges, and now my photo box challenge (it's sorted out and I only use one section at a time in order.) I have chosen to add more to my list of criteria it must meet..... You know how I sometimes use fat mum slims photo for the month list as a prompt for my everyday photos???? Well I'm gonna use those picture prompts as page prompts instead!!!! Lets see where that takes me.

Today it took me to BUDE and my emotions ran wild. This place is so special to us as a couple I had to get it onto paper.
The photo box that I used or this included pics of myself and/or Paul without children, just us, how scary!!!! Lol I'm looking forward to tomorrow tho when I get to use the 'family photo box' which includes photos of more than one of us or the children together.. And the prompt is 'a moment' This could go in so many directions, I haven't looked at my pictures yet so have no clue what I will do but I hope it's good xxxxxx
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