Monday, 3 June 2013

Late night prep

So tomorrow is crafty Carole Tuesday, and in preparation for that I've managed to squeeze in my project life page for week 22, tonight!!!!!!
It's now 10:35 pm and way past my normal bed time :) but I did what I'd set out to do, and I did it pocket style!!!!

Uugh I am soooooo not a pretty pocket person, i find them hard and small and so stressful to work with but I do like how they work with project life so now and then I slip one into my album just for a bit of a change.
Before I stuck the page together I went through all of the pre made echo park cards that I have and pulled a few that might work with my photos and how I wanted the page to look.then I decided where each would go and then with Carole's influence I began to decorate each card as if it were a single layout.
I'm not overly keen on how it turned out but I don't hate it either, and at least now when tomorrow comes Carole and I can scrap the same things like we like to at least until she has to leave me!!!!! :(
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