Wednesday, 5 June 2013


So I've been up since 5am with a wide awake Elsie who just wanted to have a cup of tea and a biscuit!!! Wonderful.... But still it means I had a head start in the day and I've managed to finish my first page of the day.

The prompt for today is environment, and in my photo organisation in back to Daniels box again. didn't he look super cute as a chubby little baby?!?!?
He's joined by Badge nanny in these photos as we traipsed around Noah's ark in the cold, it the best time to go you know as the place is dead!!!! He must have only been a little over 1 as it explains the lack if pictures of Michael here as he'd have been a tiny baby at the time.
I was influenced by a layout in Amy Tans signature series book, I loved the simplicity of it and thought these photos would work perfectly, which they do!

On a more yucky note... i found little friends in lolas hair this morning, lots of tiny baby ones and lots of eggs! what a perfect way to start the day. so I'm trying to be a sensible parent by not sending her to school and I'm gonna spend the best part of the day treating us all for it just in case, but what's a guessing ill have a telling off from school for doing so!?!?! I'm just waiting for the gone to run to tell me so.
Lets see what happens, see you soon xxx
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