Saturday, 22 June 2013

It's the weekend!

Good morning ladies!

So I've got a couple of pages to share with you today, but as one of them is a commission page I need to check with the photo owner if I'm allowed first.... Check back later :)

For now here's a page I started yesterday but have managed to finish off this morning, I don't know what the picture quality will be like tho as Elsie has stolen my phone to watch Mr Tumble for the 99th time so I am just lefT with the iPad to take photos and in my experience its not great, but here goes:

It's a photo of Elsie, tucking into her breakfast. And doing the trick that she learnt from her daddy, slurping the leftover milk straight from the bowl..... Disgusting if you ask me but then I don't have cereal or like milk :)
I've actually used this scrap lift before but I'm sure if I could find it, that it wouldn't look anything like this, maybe I should try.

Anyways, home news.... Mikes back from his week away at school camp and he loved it, can't wait for the photos from that! And Lola's staying. At our friend Keryns house for her very first sleepover! Got to pick her up soon but I'm in no doubt that she also has had a fab time.
Once I've done the boring jobs like housework and food shopping I can hopefully squeeze in some scrapping time this afternoon as I have one more commission page to finish then I'm back to me :)

See you soon xxxx

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