Thursday, 20 June 2013


So I'm back again!
I've just finished my second page of the day and I really enjoyed doing it.
I can't remember if I've told you about cricut craft room or not? If I haven't I should have done but don't worry I will now, but if I have, well telling you a second time just proves how much I love it!
If you have a cricut, any size, any model... And you have a computer that connects to the Internet you MUST try this.
Download cricut craft room by googling it online. You will need to set up an account with cricut if you don't already have one, but don't panic it's free.
You can then connect your cricut to your pc and do amazing things with it.
They give you free things to cut for a start, you can also make your cricut cut items where you want them too making multiple cuts much easier. You can weld letters together to create joined words an other beautiful thins. Please just have a go!
This is what u did today with the craft rooms help:

See the row of hearts joined together through the middle??? That was done on the cricut! Very cool right??? You can freely use the freebies that try give you and you can link any of your own cartridges also which makes the possibilities endless.

I added some sequins and splattered ink, some wood embellishments and a small title to make he focus on my gorgeous girl. I hope you like it xxx

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