Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Sweet heart

So we've completed 2 by lunchtime! How good is that? :)
And actually I'm loving this one, take a look:

It's very girly,feminine for me but I enjoyed doing it, it was sad that Carole and I don't live closer as she has things that I often need and vice versa it would be nice to be able to say oh I've got that and actually give her some instead of it making her sad :(
Today tho I think we've done similar pages, click on Carole's blog link at the side of my page and when she has uploaded it you will see. Very unusual for us but I think they were layouts that just needed following.this one was taken from a page by miss smith, search for her blog it's amazing!!!! She does a lot of journaling And makes some fabulous journaling cards, you won't be sorry xxxx - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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