Thursday, 27 June 2013

If I could

So yesterday I met up with Carole at our halfway point, the white row farm shop near beckington frome. Mum drove myself and Elsie for a nice relaxing day of food, tea and talk..... AND of course a bit of stash swapping!
I had a few tiny bits for Carole, that I had ordered for her or bought for her and she had a massive box of goodies for me that we had ordered in from America. Carole is so lucky to have family over in the USA as it means they can bring stuff over for her when they visit and she doesn't have to pay the mahoosive delivery charges.... So this time I had a few bits too!

Here's a page I made using some of my new stash:

Carole gave me the sketch and I put the papers and bits together. I decided this time to start with the area and chose a photo afterwards and as soon as I saw this photo I stopped looking.
The sketch was using three pictures so I chose just to break this one photo down into 3 parts, as she was in a plain white box I think it works.
I'm hoping to do more pages with my new stash before I break it all up and put it away with my regular stuff so maybe you'll see me again tomorrow.
For now tho ill leave you with a couple of photos from our meet yesterday:

Lmao I love this photo, Carole and her little chum, my Elsie pulling the duck face! So cool

And secondly:

A picture of the 4 of us wetting ourselves after Carole's flip flop malfunction! It was the kind of moment where you had to be there but one that I will always remember, especially after I scrap it next week :)

Goodnight all xxxxxx

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  1. EMMA!!! I can't believe you posted the duck face picture!!! That is not kind!!! I will forgive you for posting the other picture, because although we are all laughing at my expense, I do love it (and it was very funny!)

    Love your layout, especially my little chum and the fab little jars, so cute :)

    Loved our day at the farm, can't wait to do it all again soon!

    Carole xxx