Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Boy vs the elements

A picture of Michael this evening, taken whilst out in the snow during January of this year. I was given a sketch by Carole which looked simple but as always thy turn out the hardest to do.

Do you remember my page lat week about something vs something? No? Don't blame you cause I don't even remember what it was called!. But anyways this was the outer rubbish from when I cut the vs on my cricut. I thought it looked good on the page so thought of a title to use it :) do you ever do that? Fall I love with one element, either embellishment or colour scheme or alphabet and have to make the whole page work around that one special thing??? I do it lots!!!
So much so that I accidentally stuck my 'vs' down around the wrong way,so because I hated it looking outward a so much I managed to pull up y photo and had to turn that upside down which in turn made the whole page topsy turvy to the original plan but it made me feel better. If only I used herma or another reposition able glue, I'd have been fine!!
Never mind I don't think it tuned out too badly despite the mishaps do you???
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