Tuesday, 25 October 2011

returning after a short break!

Sunday brought a day off from scrapping, I spent the day instead... doing and spending time with my hubby and the girls.(the boys were away at their grandparents)

Lola and I played on the kinect for the xbox... we have a new game called superheroes, where guessed it... you get to be a superhero and do all of the cool moves to destroy the baddies!!!! lets say me and Lola kicked ass!!! :) so that was fun..

Sunday also saw me starting a diet... this time I'm determined to stick to it, its working well so far as I've lost lbs in 2 days so I'm happy. I know I can do it because I'm on weight watchers and it worked for me before when I lost 4 stone so it can and will work for me again. I think I have my head in the right place now so Im gonna give it my best shot. wish me luck!!!

So when Monday came after my Sunday day off..I was more than ready to get creating again, as there was no prompt on Sunday and it was early on Monday when I was wanting to start I found Shimelles starting point on her blog to use as inspiration instead. I tell you what, Shimelle is one very busy lady, I don't know how she does it all!!!

for the starting point go here

anyways... I started the page with one photo and half way through changed my mind and switched photographs. lets see what you think

the journalling says:

"such a precious gift.
a hand made to do the work of 2.
with your hand in mine we can do anything.
I love you my special girl x"

Altho I was obviously very upset for Elsie to not have her left arm, I am eternally grateful that she has at least one.... she will work miracles with this hand and her precious fingers. I have watched her overcome so many obstacles already with it, everyday she amazes me more. 



  1. Oh my gosh. What a beautiful LO and such gorgeous journalling. With a Mum like you, I'm sure your little princess will achieve anything she sets her mind to. Thank you for sharing something so precious with us all xxx

  2. How precious! Beautiful layout.