Monday, 17 October 2011

party time!!!!

so this morning began the Shimelle online party.... and what are we celebrating??!?!!

PRETTY PATTERNED PAPER!!! what else?!?!?! :)

the first assignment of the day was to take pictures of our patterned papers, and to think about, and decide what kind of paper person we are.... 
out of the choices there is only one i can be and that is a scrap sorter!!
not a smidgen of paper goes to waste, i keep everything just incase... you never know when you might need it and why oh why would anyone chuck away something so pretty and that makes them so happy. 

so here are my pics:

this first one is my 12x12 paper box, the storage itself is from creative memories, and is just fab for keeping my papers nice and straight and easily accessible. 
I am a bit anal when it comes to organisation... so my papers are sorted into colours... and also I have separated the patterns and the plains so i can find what i need straight away. if i m looking for a certain colour this works really well for me as i can pull out a colour section and flick through, this way nothing ever gets forgotten and i can put it straight back into the box once I have found what i need. patterns in the front... plains behind x 

my next paper picture is my scrap bag, as you can see all of my scraps are in 12x12 sealable bags... and again sorted into colours and separated into patterns and plains. this means i can look for mats in a particular colour and any scraps that i need to make a page perfect. my scrap bags hold any piece of paper that is smaller than 12 x 12... even if i only cut an inch off the rest goes into here, this way i only have full sheets in my 12x12 storage to use as base sheets on my layouts. 

this is my last paper picky to share with you... and it is a photo of my studio calico delivery.... as soon as i get this, it stays on my craft desk until the next one is due and i use lots from it straight away. 
I am not one of these people who can't use new paper, or pretty paper in fact as soon as i have something new it has to be opened and sampled or just used lol.
I am a paper collector but i also like to use it as much as just buy it. 

my last photo of the post is one of a page i finished yesterday, its not amazing but its done 
and talking of patterned paper, this one is very very old. i remember having the whole range when it first came out and this was some years ago. 
the pics are of my eldest daughter who is now 3.. and these are from her first birthday riding around in the kitchen on her new toy. 
i followed a sketch from pencil lines but didn't follow it completely. sorry ladies xxx

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  1. I would just spend hours agonising over how to sort my patterned papers by colour!! Just twiddling my thumbs at the moment waiting for the 1st assignment, but as it's not here I'm gonna have to start something else.

    ** Kate **