Sunday, 30 October 2011

Not liking the clock change!!!

so its..... 7:08 AM on a Sunday morning and I have already been up for 2 hours.
hating the clock changes, We as adults can cope with the extra hour in bed or one less hour sleep... kids however just don't get it. the boys are easy enough to get back on track, Lola maybe not so bad, but a little harder and Elsie is just gonna be a nightmare. she has a routine.... she wakes and sleeps at certain times during the day, and now I have to try and change that, bloody hate having to change the clocks... it messes up everything lol

right rant over, just had to get that off my chest, slurp of tea.... now onto the important stuff!

my next scrap page obviously lol and some news!!!

This is my offering for prompt 11 of Shimelles pretty paper party, if you haven't checked it out already please do, its great for inspiration and only costs £12 for a months worth of inspiring thoughts and ideas!!

It came on Friday and was based around quilting patterns and how to translate from one craft to another. we were given a couple of quilting pattern sites and a few ideas of pages by guest designers but to be honest this is the first prompt I have looked at and not really been into it. if you know what I mean.

It didn't speak to me, I didn't get excited by the prospects of what I could do with it because it was just a bunch of random shapes and pattern mixed up on a page.... not my usual style at all. but never one to pass up a challenge and determined to make the most of every single prompt and piece of inspiration I set about my task of finding something that hit a button with me. 

I finally came across a pattern in the shape of a heart... who couldn't do something with that?!!?! 
I printed it off and found a paper pad in my scrap bag so I knew all the papers would match without me trying too hard, lets face it this was gonna be tough enough as it was! 
then I started hacking at pieces of paper and actually measuring them correctly to make them fit into an 11x11 box that I wanted... this lasted all of about 10 minutes before I got bored and instead of cutting every piece into shape I instead shaped the ends that needed it and the instead of cutting the other end I put it underneath the next bit instead, saved a lot of time and made me happier because I really hate measuring stuff, and like to work more free flow. 

The pattern itself is meant to be in a square shape, as if on a quilt section but I just didn't like it that way, so I cut off all the bits that I didn't like and made it into the heart shape that I liked.  
I had a couple of photos in mind for this project but settled on this one form our wedding day... we were having our only posed photo session (i wanted our photos to be fresh and natural) and were on the stairs of our castle... sounds so posh doesn't it!?!?! Craig our photographer was on the stair case above us and took some great pics from this angle. which I would never have thought about. 

If anyone is looking for a wedding photographer in this area I would recommend him in an instance!!!

anyways.... I wanted to keep the rest of the page as simple as possible as the quilted patchy pattern is mad enough for me lol... I hope you like it xxxxx

OOOhhh and some other exciting news, I signed up with a new supplier yesterday and they do some yummy yummy products which will be coming to my shop very soon!!! :)

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  1. Emma, you would never know that this prompt didn't do it for you, your LO is lovely :) Love the photo too. My kids are older now so the hour change isn't a problem, but I didn't like how early it got dark this evening :(

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment!

    Carole x