Thursday, 13 October 2011

grateful for scrapping

so..... not a great day today..... its my Nans birthday, our first without her and everyone in the family is feeling it really hard. this morning i couldn't even get my butt into gear to do anything cause my head was overloaded with emotions. i miss my nan so much but I know she is here with us all, watching and tutting at what we do..especially when i don't do the ironing lol  but its hard without her....

 so today i am grateful for my hobby, it takes me away to another place, and altho i am still constantly thinking about my nan, and what day it is and how we should be celebrating another year gone by.... i can just for a moment focus my attention onto something else, and this keeps me going, keeps me sane and not in floods of tears for the whole day. 

so here is my first offering for the day... a page about my children and a few photos of them taken the other week.... they aren't the best pictures ever, and in fact I was only going to use one of them actually on a page but decided that this is who they are, they never sit still, they always make stupid faces when i want a nice picture and they do love each other  a lot. so I went with it and used 3.

Another reason for doing 3...and I guess the influence behind doing this page was SJ.... I am big Shimelle Laine fan and so when she posted a link to SJ's blog challenge last week i had to take a look. thats where I gained a new person to follow and admire.... 

SJ set a challenge called take one.... and is doing a new one every week, she has already set the second challenge but I'm a bit behind so I'm playing catch up!!!
the first challenge was to look through our albums and pick out our favourite pages.... and take from this one element from our have page to take with us into creating a new page.

when i looked 2 pages stood out for me......

as you can see they both have 3 pics clustered in the middle of the page, however both pages are completely different but i love them both. so it had to be this element that i took forward in creating my new layout.

thanks for the challenge SJ.... may there be many more to come xxxxxx

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  1. I love your pages :-) thank you for joining in :)

    Sorry to hear about your nan, I raise a glass of birthday bubbly in her honnor xxx