Saturday, 22 October 2011

final page

of the day anyways....

today has been quite productive, even if I am still dressed in my pi's :)
I've completed 2 scrap pages..... heres the second:

ok so its basic.... but I did something new for me... I downloaded an alphabet from Dawn Skippy then sized and printed it off myself. 
I don't think this page could handle much more embellishing so I've left it plain. 
As an alphabet addict this is quite a nice idea for me so I might have to do it more means that I can use an alphabet as many times as I like and still have all the letters I need! bargain xxx

the other thing I have done today was cooking.... my mum and I (plus a little help from Lola) had our first attempt at making macaroons.... here are some piccys

they are strawberry macaroons with a vanilla cream and strawberry filling..... and although they could be neater around the edges they taste amazing!!!

with a little more practice they will be this space xxx

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