Thursday, 20 October 2011

Just a quicky!

I've been a very busy bee today, doing some xmas shopping with my mum.... hi mum!! :) 
and just having a nice chilled wander around the shops was lovely, but then i got home and panicked a bit that i was way behind with Shimelles class....

I was ahead of the game and raring to go until i was being very productive and started a second page based on yesterdays video.... See the word STARTED.... cause I never got to finish it yesterday as I went to bingo with the girls...(they took my bingo virginity away!!! it was fab) 
anyways.... so when I got home form shopping i got the kids from school and after starting dinner off i managed to finish the aforementioned page.... which is here

I used more of my cut up papers.... and only bits and pieces from within the same kit. I also...very proudly i must say.... used my very very very ancient sizzlit alphabet with my very new vagabond to cut the title out of scraps from my box.... how good was I?!?!?!
seriously i haven't used that alphabet for at least 5 years maybe 6.... but it came in very handy today. 
pics are of Lola a few weeks back after eating some chocolate ice cream.... I put her up on the kitchen side to clean her up and she started posing again so I grabbed the camera to take more pics.... i don't think she cares what she looks like as long as she can strut her stuff in front of a camera lol.

I also managed to get myself up to date by doing another page in about half an hour.... the boys have gone out to Quest...their club where they play games and do fun stuff.... Elsie moo went to bed at around 7:15...and i put Lola to bed at half past.... and as Paul was out shopping i had a very unusually quiet half an hour to myself.

So I used my time wisely... I turned off the tv and scrapped.
I did this page for prompt 3:

it's nothing special and literally took me half an hour.... but I quite like it.... and altho I have already scrapped photos from this day and moment i love it so much that it was worth scrapping again. 
I used everything once again out of my same kit, but cheated and added in the alphabet separately.... its my favourite so i couldn't resist. 
the theme of the third challenge was to have no space in between any of the patterned papers.... I think i achieved this?!?!?!
also.... you'll never believe it but that amazing piece of patterned paper with the birds on is actually the back side of a promotional offer voucher from studio calico... technically it was in my box.... it came with the kit and how cool too have pink birds on a page about wonky pink wings?!?!?! 
I think it would have been a crime NOT to add it :)

thanks for looking .... I'm off to check out prompt 4 xxxxx

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