Sunday, 9 October 2011

exciting stuff!!!!!!

Good morning lovely ladies!!!!

Im in a fabulous mood this morning...... it was october crop yesterday, and apart from being a few short we all had a fabby time.

I think we ended up with 17 but it was a lovely 17, we all had a good laugh.... it was Sara's 40th birthday on the friday so we got her a cake, and a balloon and some wine and flowers.... after all it wouldn't be a birthday without it would it :)

I also held a class which went down really well..... I however can't take credit for it as I completely borrowed the idea from shimelle laines Layout and video that really really inspired me this past week.... 

heres the page:

sorry but some of it has been cut off due to the weird stitching package i now have to use after switching to a mac..... i must find a new one that doesn't want to bend it all over the place lol....
anyways i thought the ladies at crop would really love this page as it had a few new tricks and a couple of old ones mixed in too.

this page has an acetate pocket which has stamping on it, using studio layering stamps, and the paint is from Adirondack and the yummy bright paint dabber range!!! mmmmmmmm.......
it also has sewing on it, which we all did by hand, some of the ladies were stressing a little over it so i hope i showed them that its really not all that bad.....
they all finished the page anyway and seemed to love it so that made me happy.... i actually ended up selling out of kits and have had to make another different one up too so i guess you could say it went well :) thanks shimelle... I hope you don't mind me using it, i did tell the ladies it was all your brilliant ideas xxx

i also managed to do a page of my own in the afternoon, a very simple one of elsie moo eating her very first ice lolly..... heres the pic:

The photos are very orangey yellow so needed a completely different colour page to elevate the pics.... i was gonna go for the bright pink but then found the purple in the same range ( summer days by Echo park....and i have some packs in stock if you want one :) )
and as I never use purple i thought this would be the perfect opportunity to broaden my range lol.....
its a very basic page which really didn't take very long to chuck together but i think it works on focusing on the photographs, which i love loads xxx

lastly is a page from last week.... its actually what i was gonna do as the class page, but i really wasn't sure about it, and because i wasn't completely happy with it myself i could teach it to others as a class hence why I changed to Shimelles page. I don't dislike it, it just isn't right in my eyes.... maybe some of you might have some suggestions on how to make it better?!?!?!?!?!?!

right.... I best go and get some breakfast, and put my pork joint in for dinner...yum yum
see you all soon


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  1. personally i think it looks FAB as it is hunni xxx