Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy halloween!!!

good morning fellow witches :)

you'd think form all of my Halloween phrases that I celebrate Halloween in a big way but I really don't. 
I don't take the kids trick or treating because I don't believe its right to go knocking on peoples doors begging for things, in my opinion thats what it is... and yeah Im probably bonn a get a lot of stick for saying that but thats how I feel! 

I do however let the kids dress up and we always do a chocolate hunt around the house for them so they don't miss out. if we do happen to go out, which is hardly ever, we only visit people we know and  I always check beforehand that they don't mind. I probably sound really weird but with so many odd people around these days you can never be too safe. 

anyway here are a couple of pics of the girls dressed up, we aren't doing anything today so they are wearing them all day lol.... 

bewitching Lola..... posing as ever

and cute kitty Elsie!!

also what I want to share with you this morning is my page from over the weekend.... only one this time as its been a busy one.

the prompt this time related to taking inspiration from ourselves, and using one of the pages in our own albums that we love something about and taking that element on to make a new page. the same as SJ's take one, which Shimelle linked to during the class. 

firstly the page I found in my album that I love:

I don't know why I like this page but I do... I think maybe the fact that I actually like these photos of myself helps, i just think the colours work well too.....

so heres my page taken from that: 

the elements that I too from the first page are the number of photos and that 2 are big and 4 are small.... the rough edges of the backing pp and the wonky mats under the pictures. 
You wouldn't believe how long this page took me, this was the 3rd time I changed my mind on what papers to use, 4 times on how to arrange the photos, it was a bit of a pig. but I'm quite happy with how it eventually turned out.

now to wait for todays prompt... I wonder what Shimelle has in store for us on halloween morning!!


  1. Wow! The pics of the girls in their Halloween outfits are stunning!

  2. Both layouts are lovely, new and old! Love the distressed edges and the little owl journalling spot :)

    Your girls look so cute in their costumes!

    Carole x