Sunday, 9 October 2011

after all that.....

After all that i forgot to write what the exciting bit was all about :)

so....... its 12 hour next month.... if that wasn't exciting enough i have some more exciting news....

In one years time 9th - 12th November 2012 to be exact... Lollicrop will be holding its very first retreat!!!
a whole long weekend of scrapping, chatting, eating laughing...and maybe even a few trips to the sauna and Jacuzzi..... some of you might even wanna test the indoor pool waters, but you won't catch me in there  lol

heres a couple of pics.... 

these are a few os the shots that i borrowed from their website..... doesn't it look lovely?!?!?!

and for £110 per person including food for the whole weekend what a bargain!!!!!

it holds 24 maximum but i am only allowing 20 spaces as the remaining 4 would be slept on sofa beds, and as I don't think it is fair for someone to sleep on a sofa bed for the whole weekend (altho i have been reassured they are luxurious) i won't be offering these as places. 

so the first 20 people to snap my arm off with a £25 deposit will be the lucky ones who get a place on this amazing retreat. 

I have already sold 7 places within a few days of telling people about it so i expect to sell these relatively quickly, once word gets around to people how cheap it is and how lovely the accommodation looks.
the only thing that might be an issue is the sleeping..... most are double beds... but we all have a close buddy that we don't mind sharing with right?!??!?!

I will be starting a new exclusive group on Facebook, for those that have given me their deposits... on this group we can discuss food...... sleeping arrangements, classes etc etc and obviously how excited we are getting!

the house is in hereford.... and has a view of the black mountains... spesh!!!

I hope to hear form you soon xxxxxxx 

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