Thursday, 17 May 2012

quick roundup of the week

its been a while!!!!!
have so much going on at the moment its hard keeping up, but you will be proud to know I'm still on top of LOAD. 
Despite maybe not posting them to flickr in time I am still always doing the pages and keeping up with the challenges, some days are harder than others but I always catch up.

here are my latest pages:

This is todays page.... we had to take inspiration from cartoon heroes. however I was inspired by a friends page where she had made her hoots look like they were from a comic, I however couldn't find the same thing so added think bubbles to my pics instead. 
also got to use my new Heidi Swapp file folders with captions, and loved them so much I squeezed 2 on!!! :)

This page was done not for a LOAD challenge but as me and Carole were bored so decided to do the same sketch. she was one end of Skype and I was the other but we managed to do pages that are very similar. Carole chose the sketch, which surprised me as it had 'wet stuff' on it! I loved doing it by making my white paint watery and running it over the page but Carole had a bit of a disaster of which I'm yet to see!!!

this is a bit of a rubbish one, done for LOAD challenge of using trash! 
for the trash I used leftover hexagon frame from another layout that I did and added bits to it its not my have page in the world but its done!

This was a page that I completed at my 12 hour crop.
I borrowed a book from Becca which was called the art of layering, i have now also downloaded this onto ibooks on my iPad. 
this particular section was about layering up rub ons around the page, and altho its very simple i quite like how it turned out. thanks Becca xxx

This was done at 12 hour but for a LOAD prompt which was all about 'touch'
I chose to scrap photos from our holiday last year when I finally decided to have the fish feet therapy!, where the fish eat all the yucky skin from your feet, it sounds disgusting but actually feels quite nice and leaves your feet feeling amazing!!!

Love this picture of Elsie at Nanny Gypsys house! 
this came from LOAD on sunday, and the roes on a sunday are to use the given sketch but to make it different to what you see. I chose to shrink down the square design and change the photo blocks for more patterned papers and to use the title place as my photo place. i also then had to add a title and an embellishment to cover up an odd number 3 that was looking weird for me :)

Sorry I've gone a bit OTT with uploading my pages on here tonight, nearly finished tho honest!
This page was done for LOAD and was based on the challenge of scrapping conflict.
I chose to do the conflict between head and heart when it comes o my children. we all love our kids and would do anything for them but when do you draw the line and say no, either for their own good or because you can't let them be spoilt little brats!! with a face like this tho Elsie is very hard to resist!!!

Now this one I don't like at all, but I'm posting it here to let you see that even when we make pages that aren't great, we should still keep them and be proud that we have got another memory down on paper. 
The prompt for this one was to use someone else's journalling. I was so stuck as to what to do for this that it took me all morning just thinking about it, I originally thought I would scrap a story that Michale wrote when he was younger, but I couldn't find it. then as i came back downstairs form looking I speed elsies book staring at me. 
It is  how Zoe lets me know everything that Elsie has been up to during the day, i borrowed a pic from Facebook showing Elsie doing cling film painting whilst at does and I naughtily tore out the page in the book which corresponded to this to show a day in her life at Zoes house!!!

I hope I haven't bored you too much with my mammoth post but at least its all done now and I promise to try and keep up with blogging also from now on xxxxxxx

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  1. Phew!!! Such a busy bee!!! Love your scrapping, but I think my favourite of all of these is the Burger Failure one! Love it! I also love your version of "our" layout ... mine is now blogged so you can see how horribly wrong it went. I also love your "Us" layout, in fact I do really like ALL of them :)

    Carole xxx