Monday, 7 May 2012

Day 7!

Yup we are a weak in and I'm still loving it.... for those who thought about signing up, but didn't , next time you really must. you all ask how I get this done, but with motivation, and time management its really easy! I promise xxx

anyways first off heres a page that i finished last night, i didn't feel well enough to post when i had finished it so I'm adding it this morning.

Pic is of my Grandad with Elsie and Lola. 
I used more Amy Tangerine papers and embellishments and a scrap lift from the Echo park blog.

I also used some leftover hexagons from my second page yesterday, as i liked them so much, this time tho i inked them up to make them stand out more against all the bright colours.

now onto today.....
the challenge today was to create a layout in less than 30 minutes.... eeeekkk! 
now I know I moan at Carole for thinking too much, but I can't say that I'm usually quicker than 30 minutes, so this indeed was a challenge for me.

i downloaded a stopwatch app on my iPad and set to it... All I had done before I got going was chosen my sketch, and that was only because I had dreamt about it and ended up sketching it out at 5am this morning because i didn't want to forget it. 
In my 30 minutes i had to find and cut all papers, chose a photo and was hard

Here is my page that I completed in 27 minutes and 59 seconds!!!!
In researching paper flowers this week, i have learnt that if you get card stock damp, you can make it do what you want a lot easier... originally, in my sketch i was going to roll the pieces of card back.... but i thought it would look a bit fat, and odd on my page, so instead i misted my card with my mini mister and a bit of water, then i kind of pushed them back on themselves so that they crumpled nicely. 
the hardest bit for me was choosing an alphabet, i wanted it to be black but i didn't have a black alpha that had all the letters in it that i wanted so i had to settle for these. if i would have had more time i may have cut some letters on the cricut instead but thats all part of the challenge. being happy with the choices you make. 
Also in my sketch the photo was going to be on top of the strips of paper, but the scraps of paper that I used were all quite short and it looked too big over them. so I found a smaller photo and added it next to them instead. 

what do you think??? does it work???


  1. Absolutely! Works so well, and I do love the grungy aspect. I spotted the hexagons! I foretell that we'll see more of those on future layouts. (I can remember cutting out loads when I first did hand-sewn patchwork!)

  2. Love both of them, but especially the one with Grandad and his girls, it is such a lovely picture, love what you did with it :)

    There you go being brave again with the second one! It's lovely!!! Love the bright colours against the mono chrome.

    Carole xxx