Friday, 4 May 2012

DAY 4 :)

I almost put part 1 in the title column, but I'm not sure if I will be back later with another or not, Id hope so but no promises :)

so we are all feeling better in the house, my throat infection is much better and i no longer sound husky! Lola is much better but still has a spotty tongue, so she is home again today, back to nursery on Tuesday I hope!!!
and elsie turned to be fine after suspecting that she too may have caught our nasty little bug!!!

this has helped greatly in being able to scrap.. and to be honest theres only so many times in a week that you can watch the lion king, or grufflalo dvd!!

so anyways, heres my page:

Todays prompt was 'hearing'
we had to think about what we could hear as well as just what we could see, either around us or on the page. as soon as I saw the title I immediately knew what photo I was going to scrap, and i knew because this is the photo that  I was going to use on my last page yesterday until I found  amore suitable one. 

In this photo my Grandad is smiling on his birthday. This is such a special moment for me, as it was his first since Nan passed and I was expecting it to be hard for everyone, but him especially. Im sure it was inside, for all of us...but this moment just goes to show what having good family around at hard times can do. 
He was made to have a KFC as his birthday lunch by and with Lola, despite the fact he was also having a birthday buffet dinner out in the evening. hence the Big daddy box in front of him.
none of the gets of us had kfc, we all had a jacket potato and salad but Lola insisted for months prior to his birthday that this was what he should have and he's never been one to disappoint.
the resin behind his laughter is that he is wearing a 'bib'.... this came about as mum was wanting some rags, so he tore one of his old t shirts up for her to use. it just so happened that he was left with the neck piece and the front, which made it look like a bib. he chose to keep it as a joke for my Aunty chris who came to stay on his birthday. and we all laughed as he put it on to have his birthday lunch...what was even funnier is that my Uncle Mick thought that he had made it especially and that he actually wanted to wear a bib!!!! hilarious!!!!

anyways that is the ins and outs of my 'first' page today, i hope to bring you a few more....Carole said another 3 today..... maybe i will :)

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  1. Actually mick wanted a bib himself! Lovely page Emma keep up the good work.