Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Hello there!
welcome to May and my first LOAD page for the month. 

the prompt for today was self portrait and Lain goes on to show us inspirational pages from *eek I forget names, sorry.... but it was great, it had hidden journalling which wasn't too hidden and I liked that. so took that onto my own page. which is a tad blurry I apologise!

This photo was taken a few weeks back by my friend Louisa as we were at the park with all the kids, I don't particularly like the picture as I look horrible but I decided to print it as I don't really scrap myself enough, plus Elsie moo is in it :)
When planning my page this morning, a few thoughts crossed my mind...i decided to go with the weight loss journey theme as I was very proud of myself last night as I had fat club and lost another 2.5 pounds, which takes me to 1stone alb down on when i started. 
Also I received my first stone award and was crowned slimmer of the month for April, which was a total shock. 
our leader Helen also talked about things from her leader meeting, where they discussed being on a diet as a bus journey and that really stuck with me. as sometimes i go off track but I always return and I am determined this time to reach my final destination. 

anyways elsie moo is waking up so I am off.... have a fab day, see you tomorrow xxxxxx

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  1. Love it! Great hidden journalling, and congratulations on your certificate :)

    Carole xxx