Saturday, 5 May 2012

Day 5!


And i promise, only one page today.... I have been a busy bee..... was out shopping etc all morning, then had to rush home and grab a quick lunch cause today was 'teaching the Rangers' day!!!
It went really well, the girls created some amazing pages, all different too, just the way I like it :)
If you have never been to my crop, or to a class that I teach you won't know how i work, I'm not a teacher that says, this must be here, or it must be this wide and this far in... I love people interpreting my classes in any way they choose. after all, my page will go in my album, your pages are your own!!! make them however suits you and what makes you happy! thats how i see it anyways.

I tell people that I teach techniques rather than 'this is how you must scrapbook' as it is how I like to learn. 
I think it works, it tends to make people more brave, and if they aren't feeling brave then they can copy mine to a T and thats fine too lol

anyways, i want to share with you a couple of photos that I took today:

Firstly, the bee cakes!!!...... don't they look fab?!!?! and made by one of the Rangers.... must add she was also very very good at scrapping so she must be naturally creative. I didn't have one due to being on my diet but Sara did :)

She was Laughing as she didn't know which way to eat him so I told her to bite his bum she did as I took a piccy!!! lol

this is a photo of all the finished pages together, even from this angle you can see the differences in each.

And hers my final pic, of all the rangers and leaders with their pages.... don't they look pleased!! and so they should fab job girls xxxx

Now onto other stuff.... did you know today is national scrapbooking day?!!?!?!?
good job I have been doing some scrapping then isn't it!!
Obviously I am keeping up with my LOAD assignments and today, despite being very very busy was no different.
I actually killed 2 birds with one stone today tho as i have been stressing over the class for 12 hour crop, which happens to be next weekend....and we happen to still have 6 places left if anyone is interested and fancies joining us :)

I dont tend to do faff!!! you know.... embellishments and prettiness on a page, i love clean lines, simple pages, this is my comfort zone, so when i promised the girls a handmade flower class with a layout to go with, i was really letting myself in for trouble. 

This was third time lucky for me, I have started, and restarted and finally restarted again, this page, the flowers, and now it is done i am quite proud of myself. 

lets see what you think:

The top is the finished page, and the other 2 are close ups...or sneak peeks for the girls coming next week. i don't think any, or many of them read this so I'm all good :)

I borrowed the idea from a very clever lady on pinterest.... the original is here
and actually looks nothing like the page i have done now, but that is where the starting point for this page came from. spurred on by the fact that todays LOAD challenge was to type your name into Ebay and see what comes up, then to take inspiration from that thing.... I did just that and it found an author with the same name, who writes children's story books. 
I chose the third book down, which weirdly reminded me of the page on pinterest with its tall trees. you can find it probably only for a short while tho here

so I spent my time when back from Rangers making these little flowers, they look cute but i wouldn't do tonnes of them its just not my style but I will be encouraging my girls next week to make as many as they like, they aren't all as boring and non embellishing as i am so we should get some fab results :)

anyways, its 9pm, the girls are in bed and i have had a long day... time to chill on the sofa for a while.
see you in the morning 

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  1. Love these flowers!!! You are really quite good at this faffing malarkey you know ;) You should do it more often!!! Especially love the folded flatter ones (and yes, I know they are a pain, but they are so pretty) and the coloured ruffly ones. Cute pic of my little chum too <3 Oh, and I love the "wood" paper!

    Carole xxx