Friday, 4 May 2012

DAY 4 - part 2 :) back!!!
I did do something else crafty this morning whilst elsie slept, but this time it wasn't a scrap page.
I chose to do a couple of pages in my smash book, only because my Grandad asked me to look for some sticky back paper yesterday, which i couldn't find!! but I did find some old magazines which i was keeping as I had some of my work published in them. It suddenly came to me that I no longer needed to keep the whole magazine, that I could just take out the pieces that I wanted and add them to my 'all about me' smash book. so thats what i did.
here it is:

I should have done it the other way around with the first page first, but I didn't , and as the rules say its my smash book so i can do what i like!!!
look at how simple and yucky my original pages used to be, all shaped too ick!!!
This was when I was very very very new to scrapping so I'm not gonna be too are on myself, hopefully i have grown since then :)

anyways time to think about cooking dinner.
see you later xxxx

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