Wednesday, 2 May 2012

day 2: no photos!!!

so here i am again..... back with layout number 2 for day number 2.

todays prompt was to do a page without photos, this was daunting to me at first as the only thing I could think of was my diet certificate which I used on yesterdays prompt!!! (D'OH)
so I had to come up with something new.... I have seen quite a few pages recently with tags across the middle and I started with this as a base idea, and as I thought about it more it amounted to this... a page about me (again) and how I am loved by people around me. 

Im sure it would be a bit nicer with larger tags but I found these scraps of kraft cards rock in my scrap bag so couldn't waste it, i think the tim holtz grunge board letters work perfectly with it altho I did toy with the idea of making them white, I'm glad i kept them as they came.

what do you think???

as a bonus for today I will show you a couple of pages from my new smash book....

I have chosen to do a book about me, so the first page is just an introduction to the whole book, i had to ease myself into it somehow... and the second set of pages are about my love for crafting and has a card on it that i made for Lola on her 4th birthday. she was sooo mad at me for taking this card as it has been up on our side since her birthday. 

on the opposite page I have written about why i craft, what i love and hate etc etc... i have decided not to do my pages as i work through the book but to randomly do them as i see fit, this is helping me to work through it :)

let me know what you think xxxxx

see you tomorrow xxxx


  1. LOVE your layout :) Love the tags, love the bright colours on the black background, love the idea!

    Fab Smash pages too! Suzie will be proud of you ;

    Carole xxx

  2. Hi Emma, yes, I am soooo proud of you!!! Fantastic first Smash page!!! I am sooo chuffed you and Carole got some some Smash books too, and lovly that we're both doing the same theme Emma, looking forward to seeing lots more :)

    I adore you layout, Wow!!! I think I may have to scraplift this Emma for my Smashbook perhaps (if that's ok with you) such a lovely, lovely idea.

    Looking forward to our crop next week, and will do my bestest westest to get Skype!

    Suzie xxxx :)