Tuesday, 16 August 2011

word of the day....... WONDER!

so today was day 2 of the summer festival thing over at bpc... and the word of the day is wonder!!!

It took me all day to think about what I was gonna do for this subject, some people over there have done about them being wonder woman and picking out elements of their lives that they are super at, others have done things that they wonder about and some about the wonders of the world..... I had no clue.

so when I sat down to do it I was stumped...... I decided to look through my photos for inspiration and came across a pic of Elsie when she was only 3 days old...... she was asleep and I have always wondered what babies dream about when they there it was, I had a pic and I had a title.

I remembered seeing a really nice sketch when browsing pencil lines blog so found that on my ipad and away I went. here is my creation:

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  1. This is lovely. I like the way you've done the circle and, yes, I wonder what babies do dream about!