Tuesday, 9 August 2011

another day, another sketch!

hey there!

I noticed on facebook last night that Shimelle had posted a pic of her latest sketch challenge...being a sucker for sketches and challenges I had to give it a go today. so I visited her blog, downloaded the sketch to my ipad and decided to have a play. 

the photo I wanted to use had Lola looking downwards and to the left, so I really wanted the photo to be in the top right corner, so I opened a photo editing app on my ipad and flipped and turned the sketch around to suit where I needed the pic to be. 

mine is gonna look completely different to everyone elses pages on there but thats what its about right??? making the sketch your own?!?!?!

anyways heres the pic.... let me know what you think xxxxx

the layout itself is all about Lola being 3.... what she loves and what she hates. 
in a nutshell she loves doing her own thing and hates listening to others!!!

oh to be a 3 year old again :)

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