Friday, 12 August 2011

and so the fun begins....

Its friday the 12th august..... I have a vodka and redbull in my hand, and scrapping stuff in the other whilst waiting for my lamb curry to turn up. Lamb because I have found out that after almnost 30 years of eating it, I am now allergic to chicken!!! or so I think, theory will be tested tomorrow evening, so I will let you know.

Tonight is good for a few reasons.... well I say good,m some things are good some are not so good..... I turn 30 tomorrow!!! OMG how scary is that!!! where did 30 years go? where did the 15 years since I left school go???? how can I possibly be this old already? 

so tonight is my last night in my 20's, hence the vodka to celebrate.... only a couple tho as its my crop in the morning...another good reason to be happy! cant wait to meet up with all of my lovely scrapping buddies and have some laughs. Im a little scared as I know my bestie is up to something, planning secret things but im past caring, just gotta do everything as normal cause really its just a normal day and take the rest as it comes....

its also a good day because today Shimelle Laine started her cybercrop weekend..... woohoo... a whole weekend of classes and challenges and I get all day tomorrow to play, and the bonus is for once I get to do this with my friends!!! yay!!!

anyways here is my first offering for the Shimelle cyber crop..... the challenge was to use the free downloadable elements that MaryAnne contributed ..... I printed them all off as I didnt know which I was gonna use, but to be honest I think Im gonna use the pink ones next anyway... so here it is:

 the pic is of my boys.... who rarely get a look in now that the girls are here and they are getting older...they hate photos and the girls are around more often and much more willing to pose! 
anyways this was a rare moment that I got to spend some time with them without the girls around, when we were on holiday in centre parcs..... we took them to go on the quads which they were a little wary of but enjoyed the experience. 
I think the circles represnt the wheels and I also used the journalling block which has slipped down behind the photo..... sorry xxxxxx

be back soon with more xxxx


  1. Well Mrs C the fun and celebrations certainly begin at 30 ;) see you tomorrow can't wait :) ps Amazing page :) Anita x

  2. Love that you're celebrating with the scrapbooking week-end and even better that you get to do it with your friends too :D

    Love this page. Colours work really well with the printables.

    Love, Sarah (spending the week-end crafting with Shimelle too) xx

  3. I love how you used Mary Anne's circles! Your grungy background is just perfect! :-)