Thursday, 18 August 2011

less ..... or more!?!?!?!

so another completed page for my overflowing albums..... yesterdays word of the day over at big picture classes was less...... this got me thinking, it wasn't until I came across this picture taken on Monday that I started to think about life with less kids and how its so much better with more and that's why i did this. I also incorporated shimelle Laines 3 is the magic number challenge into this page by using 3 different colored ric racs and 3 different colored buttons all grouped together.

I used the dull greys for the less list as it is boring and dull without my kids, altho there would be some good points now and then lol....and for our pic and for the more list I chose bright colours to symbolise the fun and games we get up to

thanks for looking heres the page:

 p.s sorry about the scan its a bit rubbish but you get the idea xxx

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