Sunday, 7 August 2011

more journalling pages and a sketch!

so Ive done 2 more pages since posting last time, and wasnt that only yesterday?!?!?!?! oops...cant you tell its raining and miserable here lol

the first one is called hey macaroni! and tells the story about Lola announcing that she knows how to do the Macaroni dance (macarena to me and you) and then continued to show us her skills. did have to get her to do it slow mo to take pics tho!!!

here it is:

for the first time ever I copied the format of a page ive done before to make this one. except the last one used paint and this one uses paper. i just thought th little pics would look perfect this way and I do love it.

the second is a page about Michael an his fear of wearing helmets, or rather the fear of not being able to get them off of his larger than average head. poor boy, he gets it form his dad! lol

here is that one:

I used the pencil lines sketch for this week to complete this page. and I also used the number plate sticker that has been sitting in my stash since I first started scrap booking which was 8 years ago!!!! boy did that feel good!!!!!

fab sketch pencil lines, thanks for sharing xxx

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