Saturday, 6 August 2011

how classes make you think......

this week on my big picture class we have been discovering the topic of journalling on our scrapbook pages....

its not something that i do very often, and certainly not in big chunks like i have this week, I have found it quite hard, but also fun and enjoyable and i have just discovered that my husband prefers my pages with journalling to without. he wouldn't like me telling you this but the one of elsie that I am about to show you made him cry lots when he got home from work. the power of words eh!!!

so here it is:

i think its clear to see the emphasis in this layout is the journalling, i wrote a letter to Elsie explaining about her birth, the shock we had, how I felt, and how i feel now. I tried to add the letter but blogger doesnt like it sorry x

and here is the second page i have done this week:

this shows lola in her pj's and the story being told is about our once struggle to get her to bed, which suddenly changed overnight. now she is brtilliant and has her own bed time routine.

i think ive said enough for now. have a fab day xxxxx

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