Monday, 15 August 2011

just one more before bedtime!

soooo...... my boys came back last night after two weeks away, firstly with their grandparents to Devon and then to their dads for a its been a long quiet 2 weeks but I have missed them loads. and you wouldnt think it the way they argue sometimes but Lola missed them terribly too, she had the biggest grin on her face when they got home it was lush.

anyways..... my grandad brought down a photo today of the boys when we were in the pancake house in centre parcs a few weeks ago, and it rally made me take note of how grown up they were getting and how different they were becoming. it has always been said how alike my boys are, there is only 10 months between them and they always used to get mistaken for twins...but that cant be possible now as they are 2 completely different people.

Daniel...the eldest who is 10... is more like me in looks and how he acts. he is sensitive, caring, loyal and wants to help people...he is also the slimmer of the 2.
where as Michael is so much like his dad... big and bulky..... with such a laid back attitude that sometimes its hard to ake him move his butt unless its towards a computer. I swear if her was on fire it wouldn't bother him!!!

the photo inspired me so much that I had to scrap it tonight even tho I have had a very long weekend and we had just got back from our family meal out to celebrate my birthday..... heres the page:

so I made this page with 2 challenges in mind..... firstly as you will know Ive been busy doing the Shimelle Laine cyber crop weekend and this is one of the many pages that she has inspired me to do. this challenge was a colour challenge and we had to use red, white and aqua blue..... this was so easy with this photo..... 

the second thing I was thinking about as I made this page was the week 7 class for big picture classes, which is about having elements on the page which tell the story without reading the journalling...or having no journalling.

I wanted to write stuff about them so needed words on my page but I think the elements say quite a lot without them, to me the bright colors say they are happy, and young..... the red box with the big title squeezed into it represents my boys getting too big for my liking! and the arrows just shows you the subject.
im not sure im getting along too well with the making elements work for me bit but at least im trying and they mean something to me xxxx

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